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Shandong Dexiang Electrical Technology is the leading company in carbon crystal infrared heating panel industry Founded in 2006 now new Dexiang covers an area of 80000 m2 employee more than 300 annual output over half million pcs Dexiang products are CE ROHS ETL SAA certified now we are looking for powerful dealer in EUR North American The infrared heating panel is a new heating method which has many advantages 1 healthy the heating ray is infrared ray which is good to human body 2 save energy compare to air conditioner infrared heating can save more than 50 electric 3 comfortable infrared is radiant heater it doesn t cause feeling of dry also doesn t have any noise 4 Beautiful and easy...

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Warmer Appliance

Best Choice for Health -Electric Foot Warm Pad Health Carbon Crystal Infrared Heater Used in Bed Health Care Infrared Painting Heater Energy Saving Far Infrared Heater 

Infrared Heater

Carbon Crystal Infrared Heater

Radiant Infrared Panel Heater with WiFi Thermostat Environmental Friendy of Electric Heater Best Quality Room Painting Heater Carbon Crystal Far Infrared Radiant Room Electric Heater Popular Infrared Panel Heater Hot Sale Carbon Crystal Electric Infrared Heater Carbon crystal Infrared Heater 750w with thermostat carbon crystal speeding room heater High Thermal Efficiency instantaneous Carbon Crystal Heater carbon crystal room heating panel 

Infrared Heater With Thermostat

Infrared Radiant Panel Heater with Thermostat Infrared Radiant Panel Heater with Thermostat wifi Control Popular in The Us Home Infrared Heater Eco-friendly Infrared Heater Extremely Safe and Comfortable Best Infrared Room Heater with Competitive Quality 

Wall Mounted Infrared Heater

Competitive Infrared Electric Heater Competitive Carbon Crystal Infrared Heater High Efficiency Electric Heating Panel Far Infrared Radiant Ceiling Mounted Electric Heater Thermostat Control Energy Saving Infrared Heater Hot Sale Infrared Electric Room Heater High Thermal Efficiency Room Heater 1000W Electric Infrared Panel Heater 

Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

Beautiful Wall Installed Electric Heat Painting Excellent Energy Saving Room Heater with Thermostats Hot Sale Room Heater (DXD02) Ceiling Mounted Carbon Crystal Infrared Electric Heater 

Electrical Infrared Heater

Carbon Crystal Radiant Infrared Panel Heater with Thermostat Safety Electric Infrared Room Heater Carbon Crystal Heating Panel for Home Appliance Carbon Crystal Infrared Heater with thermostat Infrared and Long Time Using Electric Heater Far Infrared Panel Heaters with wifi thermostat High Thermal Efficiency Instant Carbon Heater Popular in 10 European Countries Infrared Heating Panel Infrared Heating Panel for Home Appliance Hot Selling Far Infrared Electric Heater ETL Listed Eco-Space Heating Panel 

Heating Paint

Infrared Heating Paint

High Efficiency of Electric Heating Panels Ceiling Mounted High Efficient and Beautiful Electric Heater Reliable and Safe Room Electric Heater 

Far Infrared Heating Paint

Safety Wall Mounted Inrared Electric Heater (DXD03) High Quality and Energy Saving Electric Room Heater 

Carbon Crystal Infrared Heating Paint

Health Infrared Electric Heating Panel Hot Sell Electric Room Heater with Thermostat Ceiling or Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Room Heater 

Panel Heater

Wall Mounted Panel Heater

High Quality Electric Wall Heater Beautiful Painting Electric Heating for Home Appliance Electric Radiant Infrared Heater with Thermostat Carbon Crystal Infrared Heater 

Carbon Crystal Panel Heater

Carbon Crystal Infrared Heater in winter High Efficient Electric Room Heater Carbon Crystal Infrared Electric Heater Electric Infrared Heater with Thermostat 550w High Thermal Efficiency Infrared Room Heater High Efficiency Infrared Radiator Heater 

Ceiling Mounted Panel Heater

Carbon Crystal Radiant Heater Infrared Panel Heater in white colour High Efficient Radiant Wall Mounted Room Heater Popular in European Countries Infrared Heater 

Panel Heater With Thermostat

Ceiling or Wall Mounted Electric Room Heater Energy Saving Infrared Electric Room Heater High Thermal Efficiency Electric Infrared Radiator Heater 

Electrical Panel Heater

Electric Heat Painting with Thermostat Hot Sale Healthy Electric Room Heater Fast Warm Speed Heating Panel Home Decoration and Electric Heating Panel for You High Quality Infrared Heating Panel Room Electric Heater Professional Infrared Room Heater for Electrical Appliance 

Radiant Heater

Infrared Radian Heater

Energy Saving Infrared Heater Panel Electric Saving Infrared Room Heater 

Wall Mounted Radiant Heater

550w carbon crystal Infrared Heating Panel Carbon Crystal Infrared Panel Heater with Thermostat Accurate Heating System Room Heater Rapid Warming Energy Saving Room Heater 

Carbon Crystal Radiant Heater

Life Long Service Energy Saving Radiate Heater Electric Heater with Personal Design Picture and Thermostat 

Radiant Heater With Thermostat

Electric Heater with Thermostat Control Best Choose Winter of Electric Heater with Thermostat Fast Warming 50 Years Service Life Infrared Heater 

Electrical Radiant Heater

Electric Heater with Personal Designed Picture High Efficient and Safe Electric Heater Hot Sale Energy Saving Infrared Room Heater 

Carbon Crystal Heater

Wall Mounted Carbon Crystal Heater

Best Seller in Infrared Heater Carbon Crystal Heater Electric Infrared Room Heaters White Carbon Crystal Heater Panel with Thermostat 

Ceiling Mounted Carbon Crystal Heater

Competitive Heating Panel for Home Appliance (DXD02) Carbon Crystal Infrared Heating Panel Hot Selling with Carbon Crystal Electric Heater 

Infrared Carbon Crystal Heater

250w - 1500w Electric Room Heater Thermal Efficiency Electric Heater for Home Appliance High Efficient Wall Mounted Electric Heater 

Electrical Carbon Crystal Heater

Easy Installation Electric Heating Panel Comfortable Electric Infrared Heater with Thermostat Safe for Children High Thermal Efficiency Infrared Heater 

Electrical Heater

High Efficient Electric Heating Paint Electric Room Heater with Thermostat Beautiful and Warm Winter Elctric Heater Comfortable Infrared Heater for Room carbon crystal room heating painter 

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