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Electrical Panel Heater

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Professional Infrared Room Heater for Electrical Appliance

Model No. : DXD03

Far infrared electric room heater have various power range from 250w to 1500w even more The infrared heater can mounted on the wall or on the ceiling now it has special product for integrated ceiling too The heater has smart control thermostat wifi...

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High Quality Infrared Heating Panel Room Electric Heater

Model No. : DXD05

Infrared heater used carbon crystal as heating body The carbon crystal is made from carbon fiber but better than carbon fiber which is a very efficient material The radiant heater has perfect heating effert comfortable it is And this heater is...

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Home Decoration and Electric Heating Panel for You

Model No. : DXD05

Electric infrared room heater is a new heating method in winter Compare with the traditional heating the infrared heater has many advantages It is electric powered which is clean energy meanwhile it is very electric saving nearly half to air...

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Fast Warm Speed Heating Panel

Model No. : DXD04

Fast warming panel heater is a new type heating product It is radiant type which will make you warm but not have any feel of dry The carbon crystal infrared heater using carbon crystal as heating material which is very efficient Also the heater is...

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Hot Sale Healthy Electric Room Heater

Model No. : DXD02

This colour panel heater is more and more popular in every where in winter This carbon crystal infrared heater not only convenient to use beautiful to look and it is the most power saving heater using electricity More this infrared heater is very...

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Electric Heat Painting with Thermostat

Model No. : DXD01

Electric heater now has many kinds and infrared heater is the best Its radiant heat likes the fire warm fast and comfortable The panel has no danger no electricity shot no burning danger And power from 250w to 1500w you can choose different panels...

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China Electrical Panel Heater Suppliers
1. The Infrared Panel Radiator is designed to provide an efficient, comfortable and healthy heating system for any domestic and commercial users.
2. These panel radiantors can reduce air circulation and help to maintain a clean, dust free environment.
3. All the infrared panel radiators can be wall mounted or floor standing.
4. A wide range of heating panel radiators available in a huge choice of colors, sizes and styles.