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Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

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Ceiling Mounted Carbon Crystal Infrared Electric Heater

Model No. : DXD04

This is ceiling mounted infrared heater It can installed on integrated ceiling in the office or in home And it is a cloud design 250w per single pcs You can control the temperature with a thermostat The radiant heater is better than any other heater...

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Hot Sale Room Heater (DXD02)

Model No. : DXD02

The infrared heater can mounted on wall or on ceiling The material of this radiant heater is carbon crystal which is very efficient in electricity heat power transition Its safety charater is very very good The surface of the heater has anti burn...

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Excellent Energy Saving Room Heater with Thermostats

Model No. : DXD02

Shandong Dexiang is the earliest company in China that engaged in carbon crystal infrared heater From 2008 Dexiang has developed for decade Dexiang products has been used in thousand of schools offices companies goverments etc Choosed by companies...

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Beautiful Wall Installed Electric Heat Painting

Model No. : DXD05

Electric infrared heater is a radiant type heater The fire like feeling will make people very comfortable And the infrared heater has lot of advantages for example energy saving it can save more than a half compare with the air conditioner Also it...

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China Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater Suppliers
1. Energy-saving
It can be used together with temperature controller to form infrared radiant heating system. According to the temperature needs of the user, the temperature in each room can be freely adjusted. When the indoor temperature reaches the preset temperature, the heating system will automatically stop and the heat accumulator begins to emit heat so as to maintain the preset temperature for a long time, saving energy and power.
2. Environmenal protection
Its energy is electricity so that is very evironmental.
3. Safety and comfortable
It won't explode or emit odor, wind or noist.
4. Long life expectancy
It can be used more than 20 years.
5. Health care
The heat radiant can change body microcirculation, cell organization under skin producing resonance, clearing the barrier of microcirculation, adjusting and balancing nervous system promoting metabolism, increasing body physical power. It is very good for your health.