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Carbon Crystal Radiant Heater

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Electric Heater with Personal Design Picture and Thermostat

Model No. : DXH03

Radiant panel heater can installed on wall or ceiling The power of each panel can choose from 250w to 1000w For heating use the most efficicncy is 400w or 500w Like a 20m2 room can use 5 pcs of 400w then they will keep the room at 20 degree very...

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Life Long Service Energy Saving Radiate Heater

Model No. : DXD02

The infrared heater is very good to human body Its radiant ray is red infrared wave like phys device The radiant heater feel like a fire you will feel warm and comfortable but not dry And it is very easy to install It can mounted on the wall or on...

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China Carbon Crystal Radiant Heater Suppliers
no noise
no central system to break down
no maintenance
5-6 hours on time for 24 hours heating due to mass heating not air.
50% to 70% electrical bill savings, and we have had cases of 78% over oil boilers.
extensive reduction in damp/condensation
healthy heating with no dust or bugs circulating in the air (non convection type heating)
helps with aching limbs, if you feel better when stepping into the sun, infrared is exactly the same.
space saving
low installation costs
5 year warranty